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1837-03-31 Letter from Garrett Applegate to James Applegate

Mr. James Applegate
Alagheny Cty
Elizabeth Township

March the 23 1837

Dear Son and Daughter

I embrace this oppertunity of letting you know that I am well excepting I am verry lame and has been all winter. [I]f I had not been so lame I intended coming up this spring but have intirely given it out on acount of my lameness.

[Y]ou wrote you want to know how Derrick is doing. [H]e sold his place for eight hundred dollars trusted four years for half of it. [H]e has bought a piece of land three mile from us and is living on it.

I want to no if you know any thing about William Long. I can hear nothing of him. I Should be glad if you can hear any thing of him you would let me now.

[W]e have had a very hard winter whea(t) loks very bad. [F]or the time of year markets is tolerable good. [W]eat dollar twenty cts a bushel, corn [. . .] 25, pork is five dollars per hundred, potatoes 25 cents per bushel,

[I]f [G]aret [W]all had done his duty I could have got all my pension but I only get fourty dollar a year and it costs four out of it to get it. When I might of had eighty.

Samuel Curen and Mary is well and doing well. [T]heir oldest daughter is married and has one child. Joseph Amy got his arm broke last fall and could do nothing all winter. [T]he rest is all well. William [H]eath and Ann is well. [T]hey have six children and have but three alive. I will come and see you all if I ever feel my self able.

I have nothing more at present but remain yours untill death.

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