July 2022    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Ada M Miller   Mary Hoffman   Emma R Applegate   Walter Nelson Applegate   Herbert Milton Applegate   Clarence Levi Appelgate   Orlando Baird Appelget   Alice Mae Applegate   Bruce Applegate   Isabelle Applegate   Arvilla Applegate   Clifford V Applegate   Earl McKinley Applegate   Leonard J Applegate   William Isaac Wilson   Fred L Stapleton   Adren Otto Applegate   Everett Lewis Applegate   Virginia Applegate   Evert J Applegate   Frederic Appelget   Velma Jean Boxwell   Ortley Applegate   Emmet Applegate   Frank E Applegate   Kenneth Applegate   Raymond Hudson Applegate   Nathaniel Thomas   James Phillips   Anna Sybil Applegate   Floyd B Applegate   Florence Cutler   Elbert Conover Applegate   ? Appelgate   Noel A Appelgate   Kenneth Applegate   Allen Wilson Applegate   Bess A Settser   Kenneth Coghnan Lambert   Otto Mohr   Ralph Guthrie   Goldie Elizabeth Richey   Howard Haskel Applegate   Charles W Applegate   Dick Cernick   Mary Corrine Applegate   Charles Franklin Applegate   Joseph Clyde Applegate   Louis Elsworth Applegate   Madeline Applegate   Albert Marcus Braddon   Mary Agnes Struble   Howard M Applegate   Lawrence Duibley   Forest Applegate   Beulah J Applegate   Clyde Eugene Applegate   Joseph Record   Rachel Smith   Lewis Grover Applegate   Mildred Carter   Lydia Ann Perrine   Asher Van Nest   Orval E Conner   Agnes McDuffee   Davis Applegate   Forrest D Applegate   Samuel Holmes   Charles S Applegate   Emma Dorothea Applegate   Amos "Jack" W Stahl   Lura Ethelinda Brideweser   Florence Shuffield Applegate   Andrew Bray   Mary ?   Hattie Brown   Minnie E Mount   Rebecca Ella Anderson   Achsah Asay   Rebecca Predmore   Leah A Tomlins   Jeremiah Predmore Applegate   Bertha Ella Applegate   Emma Applegate   Clara C Applegate   Jacob A Applegate   William Applegate   Catherine Highfield   Laurance Applegate   Albert E Applegate   Emma Pricilla Mershon   Anna Applegate   Joseph B Applegate   Eugenia Applegate   Charles M Applegate   Lawrence Charles Applegate   Daniel B Applegate   Florence Applegate   Ilo Applegate   Stella I Applegate   Vincent C Applegate   Lillie B McClintock   James W Applegate   Charlotte L Applegate   Raymond Applegate   Mary Helen Clark   Blanche Applegate   George S Applegate   Stacy H Applegate   Mary J Chapman   Mary Elizabeth Dillen   Mary Cecille Applegate   Milton E Applegate   Edith M Applegate   Edith Applegate   Minnie   Cora Mae Ader   Florence Rumsey   Eustice Applegate   Annie Laurie Pinkstaff   Jersey Thompson Applegate   Bessie E Applegate   Mary Ida ?   Ethel B Applegate   Rosella Applegate   Oscar Applegate   Jerome Bonapart Applegate   Earl Applegate   Lida Kate Applegate   Grace I Applegate   Samuel Applegate   Sarah Louella Grundy   Ella A ?   Howard Russell Applegate   Maybelle Applegate   Simon L Applegate   Eliza Harriet "Hattie" Coon   Samuel D Applegate   Bert Applegate   Lilian Utterback   Fielden Lett Applegate   Joseph J Applegate   Randall Applegate   Margaret M "Magie" Appelgate   David E Appelgate   Lydia S Appelgate   ? Appelgate   Matilda C Applegate   William H Rhoads   Lyle Applegate   Edwin H Applegate   Margaret Applegate   Ada P Applegate   Ruth A ?   Sidney Applegate   Blanche Applegate   Franklin Applegate   Louis C Applegate   Matha Jane "Mattie" Markland   Margarit Nail   Mary Irene Applegate   Ralph Clarence Applegate   Marie Josephine Applegate   Leo Applegate   James H Applegate   Alice S Applegate   George Anderson   Clyde L Hixon   Julia Ann Applegate   Peter Christopher Stark   Joseph H O'Donnell   Aaron M Applegate   John Thomas Owens   George G Applegate   Lulu Applegate   David Morse Applegate   Herman H Applegate   Jane Elizabeth Applegate   Orpha Applegate   Elsie E Applegate   Ethel Applegate   Mary M Osborn   Sarah A Shewmaker   Eva Gideon   Clella Watts   Deforest F Applegate   Annie Burnhart   Mildred Applegate   Edwin Roy Applegate   Ella Ong   Ellen Brown   Lena Mildred Applegate   Catherine Applegate   William Reed Applegate   Elias F Applegate   William Redin Applegate   Mary Applegate   Mary H Warrington   Mildred Applegate   Rebecca S Rue   Pearl Applegate   Russell Applegate   Mary Huston Holton   Benjamin Isaac Applegate   Robert J Applegate   Joseph Applegate   Lena B Applegate   Willie T Applegate   Tom Applegate   Kattie Applegate   Muriel Applegate   Martha R Nelson   John Henry Applegate   Charles Applegate   Charles Flannigan   Mina Applegate   Lyman Applegate   William F Applegate   Nesmelia Baxley   Ira Baxley   Max L Cammerer   Daniel Lewis Hawkins   Dorothy D Drumm   Harvey M Applegate   Charlotte Miller   Octavius Applegate   Medora A ?   Dorothy A Applegate   Anna P Appleget   Fraley P Carpenter   Lavinia Beishlink   Emma Applegate   Robert Roy Applegate   Philip J Applegate   Maudie Applegate   Emma Robinson   Irene A Simpson   Lillian F Applegate   Katie ?   Emery Herbert Gray   Allie Opal Applegate   Alice ?   Horace F Foster   Cora A Foster   Chester R Robinson   Franklin James Applegate   Catharine Applegate   Manda Applegate   Ernest Alfred Applegate   Lizzie Applegate   William Henry Bobzin   Henry M Kreemer   Donald Joe Applegate   Mary Jane Highfield   James Applegate   Cumi Applegate   Marion Harvey Applegate   Emma Dinwoody   Velva Rossell   Abraham Applegate / Sarah De N...   Reuben Stillwell / Esther Appl...   Richard I Applegate / Esther G...   John Wetherell / Hannah "Nanny...  
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