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1832-10-29 Letter from Isaiah and Hannah Applegate to James Applegate

Dear brother and sister

[W]e send our love and best regards to you and your family. [W]e are all in Joying good health. I [had] intended coming up with father this spring but he was not able to get there with my assistance and we gave it out.

I have but three children at home with me Alfred Elizabeth and Harriet. I am very mutch afflicted with the rtheumatism myself.

Louisa has moved one hundred and thirty miles from us on white river. [S]he has three children. [F]ather has lived five year with me that he has lived no other place. he can not go to see his children without we haul him for [H]e is quite helpless.

Ruth has seven girls children alive one boy and a girl dead. Andrew has five and he calls his oldest James after you. Seny has six. Sarah has three.

[R]emimber me to uncle Vincent Applegate and aunt Elizabeth Emly.

[N]othing more at present but remain your affectionate brother and sister untill death.

Isaiah Applegate Hannah Applegat

Elizabeth send her best respects to all my cousins

Cousin Elsy you must hurry and marry or I will beet you as scarce as the beaus is nothing more


Harriet I send my best respects to cozen Harriet. I want to see you all very bad

Hariet Aplegate

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