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1832-10-29 Letter from Ann Applegate Heth to James Applegate

Mr. James Applegate
Alaghany County
Elizabethtown P O


October 29th 1832

Dear brother
I have waited for seven years since I have been married to see if you would not rite to me but you have neglected it. I therefore will Remind you of your promise that you made to father and mother when they made you the deed to their possessions in where you now live. You was to give the three girls their outfits (viz) Cassy & Mary & me (Ann). They now all had their outfit but me & I have got nothing but what I got by my hands for I had to work while I lived with the old people to support them & as soon as I married & left them they have to shift about among their children for support although they once had a home they are now dependent on others for support. [B]oth are almost entirely helpless and of course a great deal of trouble to them that never received anything from them. [T]hey just live here among their children here. [F]ather has been here the biggest part of the summer & fall. Mother is just gone to Isiahs a few days ago. She has been living with me. Mother is getting to be a great deal of trouble & is so childish that it is imposible to please her or keep her satisfied. [F]ather is scarcely able to get about the house has the Rheumatism in his back & hips and as you got all the old people had I think it is as little as you can do to help keep them.

You must not think hard for I write sollid truthes & if you will comply with your promise & will give me my portion & will rite to me an direct your letter to (William) I will review it with great pleasure, as I never got any thing from you - nor any person else it will be thankfully reed.

We have three living children & have lost three & lid facin for the seventh. [O]ur youngest was one year old first day of last August it has been very sick for the last six weeks but is on the men[d]. The rest is all well. [F]ather applied for a pension at the Septr Court for but I fear he will not succedd in getting it as he did not serve a term of six month at a time.

Crops is late. [C]orn is worth 25 cts, oats 20, wheat 75, pork 3.00, beef 2.50.

Write to me for William does not know that I have written to you

Your affectionable sister,

Give my love to all your family also to John [R]ookham & Nomey.

I have nothing moe to Rit but remain your sister till death
Ann Heth

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