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1838-04-05 Will of Vincent Applegate 5F2H

Will of Vincent 5F2H

Allegheny Co. (PA) Will Book 5:127, Item No. 99

In the name of God Amen I Vincent Applegate of Elizabeth Township Allegheny County and state of Pennsylvania Considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being weak of Body but of sound mind and memory blessed be Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following viz 

First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Docie Applegate the room we now occupy a horse and a cow a bed her cooking utensils and all the household and kitchen furniture to be at her discretion during her natural life and then divided between Hervey Applegate and Stephen Applegate equally also for her to have the one third of the profits arising from the farm I now live on during her natural life 

I give and bequeath unto my Son Richard Applegate and his heirs but not assigns all the profits arising from all my shares of Robstown and Mount Pleasant Turnpike Road stock —Also the privilege of the house he now lives in with a lot of Ground attached to it of four or five acres adjoining Suttons meadow to be laid off by Uria Applegate is required to live on said lot for ten years or until my executors buyes a lot of ground of not less than three nor more then five acres of land in some suitable place and if practicable on the Monongahela river if my executors thinks it best to purchase there and live clear of rent till my executors puts him in possession of said lot Hervy and Stephen Applegate is to find the funds to purchase said lot when bought is to be for Richard Applegate and his heirs but not assigns for him in fee simple 

Item I give and bequeath to my two sons Harvey and Stephen Applegate the farm I now live on to be divided equally between them together with all my stock and farming utensils and they are to keep the family as they now live until they get married or disperse at their free will 

Item I give and bequeath my coal lot which I bought to Harvey and Stephen Applegate for the use of said farm and also my will is that any of my heirs living in the township and near enough to the coal bank to get coal out of the bank for their own fuel in case of the death of Stephen or Hervey Applegate without heirs or disposing of the same then my will is that my son Eli has the disowned share, 

I give and bequeath unto my son Eli one thousand dollars to be paid him when he arrives at age by the executors with interest from my decease. In case of the death of one of my heirs Harvey or Stephen and Eli takes his place as stated in the Item above then the thousand dollars and interest left to Eli to be divided among all my other heirs viz Richard Deliah Rebecca, Kizah Harrison Eliza 

Item I desire give and bequeath unto my son Harrison a part of my lot in the borough of Elizabeth town on which he lives from the lower corner of a house built by Samuel Frew being about 40 or 42 feet front and running back parallel though said lot to be his and his heirs forever 

Item I give and bequeath the balance of said lot and houses occupied by Walker Loomas to my two Daughter Kezia & Eliza equal shares between them, Eliza's share to be managed and rented and directed for her use on my belief of her unfitness by my executors at their discretion and either Harrison Keziah or Eliza dying without heirs, survivor or survivors to have their share in fee simple 

I also give and bequeath one half acre of land where the graveyard now is for the use of burring [sic] for the use of all my relations and any others by consent of my heirs on the place which lot of ground is not to be sold but remain to the end of time for a burying ground 

I also order and direct Harvey and Stephen Applegate to portion off Keziah and Eliza Applegate at their marriage or when they leave their homestead Equal to what Delila or Rebecca got as a marriage portion 

Item I bequeath to my daughters Rebecca and Delila Applegate five hundred dollars to be paid by Hervey and Stephen Applegate within teem years of decease. 

Should any difficulty arise as to any bequest in this will to remedy it I do hereby authorize my executors with full and ample power to Referee any difficulty and make said verdict final 

Also I order and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and my body buried in a Christian like manner at the direction of my executors hereafter named and appointed to wit Uriah Applegate and Joel Ketcham to execute this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me made 

Signed Sealed and Witnessed this twenty fifth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight

attest Vincent Applegate


NB The bequest that I left to Rebecca and Delila Applegate my daughters I hereby revoke and hereby order direct and bequest to aforesaid sum being two hundred and fifty dollars to each to be paid by Hervey and Stephen Applegate within five years after my decease witness my hand and seal at the date written above  25 Apr 1838

[remainder is proof of will by the witnesses]

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