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1926-10-21 Will of Judith Applegate 5F2E4B1C

Will of Judith Applegate
Pendleton Kentucky Will Book 3, pp. 122-24

I, Judith Applegate knowing myself to be of sound mind at this write herein what I want done with my property at my death.

The Liberty Bonds which I received from L.A. Applegate and are two $500 each coupon bonds are to be sold and used for my current expenses as far as they will go.

My funeral expenses, a marker for my grave (similar to the one at my mothers) and my name engraved on the large stone, to be paid for out of the Liberty Bonds left me by my father W.M. Applegate, which are registered bonds and all of these bonds are in my deposit box at Pendleton Bank.

After all my other debts are paid and the few bequests I make here are paid, what is left I give to my half-brother Dr. M.M. Applegate and my half-sister, Katherine Applegate Arnold and their heirs. I want each to take half of the Liberty Bonds and half of the notes.

Of the five shares of Pendleton Bank stock which I now own and which I obtained by my own efforts, I give to Uncle Leslie T. Applegate and Aunt Mary E. Applegate, two shares each if they are living. If either or neither of them are not living, their shares are to go to my estate. The remaining share I want kept in bank stock or in the savings department. The interest to be used for the upkeep of the W.M. and J.T.A. cemetery lot.

I give the Falmouth Methodist Church South, One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

Of my few pieces of jewelry and keepsakes, I give to Nannie Brensen Glaize my opal ring, to do with as she pleases. I give her also the ring set with three small diamonds, if she wants it, if she does not want it, I give it to one of Katherine Arnolds daughters, other than Mary Frances, not to be worn by any of them until they are eighteen years old or have graduated rom High School. My casmas [sic] ring I give to Katherine Arnold & her daughters, it can be made larger but the design must not be changed. The other rings I have of not much value to Katherine Arnolds daughters for keepsakes.

I give my black and gold enamel broach, that was my mothers and has the initials J.B.A. on the back to Aunt Mary Applegate and her daughters, never to go out of the Applegate family. The mosiac [sic] pin that came from Cuba, I give to Aunt Sallie M. Applegate.

Of my souvenier [sic] spoons, the one with the mule in the bowl to my nephew Matthew Applegate, Jr. All the other spoons I give to Allie Woolery and Hallie Applegate.

My cedar chest I give to Aunt Mary and Hallie.

The old bureau that came from my fathers and that Aunt Mary is now using I want her to use as long as she lives or wants to use, it then to be given to Katherine Arnolds daughters, to be divided among themselves which shall have it. It must never go out of the Applegate family. I give to Mary Kavanaugh my gold leaf broach (with small diamond). To Judith K. Carlock and her daughter Judith my god chain and the locket marked Judith. To Susan Corp I give my silk quilts. To Anna K. Bend and Katherine K. Cahill I give the small square and large round centerpieces made by Flora Calvin Brannock. The drawn work corset cover made by Flora Calvin Brannock, I give to Mary Frances Arnold. I also give to Mary Frances Arnold the “Cherry Limb” quilt, to be taken good care of. If she is not living to one of her sisters.

There are other things that I have marked to whom I want them given. The things that are left, not marked nor named herein, I give to Allie & Hallie to do with as they please.

I ask Charlie Thompson and Uncle Leslie to act as my executors without bond.

I also ask Allie & Hallie to help them with my personal property.

My clothes that are good enough, give where they can be used. All others destroyed.

I request this not be read in public no printed.

s/ Judith Applegate
Oct. 21st 1926

Pendleton County Court,
November Term, November 13th, 1926.

The foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Judith Applegate, deceased, was this day filed. John B. Calvin and Hallie Applegate, after being duly sworn, testified that they were well acquainted with the handwriting of Judith Applegate, and the signature of Judith Applegate to the said will was genuine. Whereupon it is ordered that said instrument of writing be and the same is hereby allowed and established, as and for the last will and testament of said decedent upon the evidence of John B. Calvin and Hallie Applegate, and as such it shall be admitted to record.

By Mary C. Wiggins D.C.

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