October 2022    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Sarah Catherine Stricklin   Mabel Applegate   Margaret J Van Marten   Miriam S Applegate   Ella Rossell   Fred Burnell Appleget   ? Applegate   Alva James Applegate   Mamie Applegate   Sarah M Stout   Lois E Applegate   Howard Applegate   William Applegate   Ada S Applegate   Isalola ?   Malvina Snedecker   Margaret Jane Allbright   Eliza Clark   Olive Silcott   Myrtle Applegate   Susan Goodnight   Nellie M Applegate   Minnie J Applegate   Frankie Moser Applegate   Sibby F Howell   Dora Applegate   Hazel Applegate   James Applegate   Lucinda C Jones   Ira W Applegate   Emma L Albright   Linda Applegate   Virginia   Alva John Applegate   Cora Crombie   Amanda Applegate   Sarah A Fleet   Sarah J Randall   Frank E Applegate   Ada Moore   Flora Applegate   Catherine M "Kate" Burnett   Drusilla Templeton   Cora A Applegate   Mary Susan Trumbo   Iva Myrtle Applegate   Martha Ann Applegate   John H Applegate   Elsie Delana Appleget   Bessie Appleget   Joseph R Applegate   Grace M Applegate   Hannah F Cook   James H Applegate   Emma Lytle Sealock   Lida M Smith   Dorothy Applegate   Marie Applegate   Lillian "Lillie" ?   William George Appelgate   George W Appelgate   Ida Applegate   David Appelgate   Mary A Appelgate   Mary L Davies   Lillian Applegate   Isabel Applegate   Peter G Applegate   Samuel Applegate   Mary Livzey   Florence Applegate   Martha J   Joseph E Applegate   Florence Asher   ? Applegate   William Applegate   Almattie Elma Applegate   Vincent James Applegate   Mary P Applegate   Mary Applegate   W Ernest Applegate   Lester Applegate   Frances Ione Ogilvie   Mary A Maher   William H Applegate   Nancy Rossill   Anna C Applegate   Hezekiah Britt Applegate   Emily Jenny Casey   Carrie Fern Applegate   Elijah Applegate   Miranda E McFarland   Mary Louise Anderson   Avis Moore   Judith Applegate   Isaac Newton Jacobs   William C Thompson   Susan E Wilson   James Carlisle Applegate   Mary A Hall   Walter Kerr Applegate   Mary Etta Burns   Jessie Applegate   Polly Dailey   John W Emery   Dollie Viola Applegate   Philip Borden   Rosella Applegate   Lottie M Applegate   Sarah E Applegate   Frank Applegate   James Henry Applegate   Isabel Marshall Jennings   Sylvia Hinkle   Irving L Applegate   L H Applegate   Amanda Grover   George P Applegate   Harvey Link Applegate   Elizabeth Applegate   Julia Ferguson   Allen P Applegate   Mary Matilda Mount   George Barclay Perrine   Ann Eliza Gibbs Applegate   Susan Ann Clayton   Mary Clayton   Edward D Clayton   Mary Clayton   Margaret E Applegate   William Applegate   George VanEmon   Mary "Polly" Ogborne   Sarah A Carty   Helen S Applegate   Gertrude B Applegate   Kate A ?   Mary Folwell   Anna Rucker   Amos R Applegate   Sarah M Appelgate   Lucretia ?   Marry D Weaver   Joseph Applegate   Margarette E George   Agnes Lacey   Lee Flannigan   Earl Applegate   Sarah J Applegate   Minnie Applegate   Lottie O Hawkins   Ella L Applegate   Flora Coppock   Emma Applegate   Elizabeth Applegate   Jerusha Jarvis   Henry Burton   Gertrude M Applegate   Catherine Cox   Daisy E Cox   Bennie D Spence   Nancy J ?   Francis Applegate   Ellen ?   Charles H Applegate   Annie ?   John Root Scott   Odley Heinselman   Sarah P Applegate   Hannah Bowne   Richard H Bowne   Minerva "Minnie" Applegate   James F Applegate   Marie Manette P Applegate   Mary A Bundage   Ida M Applegate   Mary E Widdoes   Albert Raymond Applegate   Lucas Schenck   Samuel K Applegate   John Van Rensselaer Fretts   George Sherman   Warren Henry Applegate   Ida L Applegate   Fred Bryers Applegate   Chester Applegate   Wales B Otis   Robert Applegate   Arthur L Applegate   Aline Frances Rice   ? Applegate   John Wesley Applegate   Margaret Applegate   Olive Garson   John B Applegate   William Hosman   Marjorie Applegate   Thomas Matthew Cox   Auther Applegate   Margaret Perkins   Clarence F Applegate   Malinda B Shaner   William Arthur Applegate   Benjamin Harrison Winningham   Darcia Applegate   William McKinley Riley   Joseph E Applegate   Ralph Applegate   Caroline Applegate   Eugene Page Applegate   Alonzo Chambers Applegate   Allen Applegate   Cecil E Applegate   Clifford O Applegate   John Wesley Applegate   Nancy Jane Applegate   Edward Benjamin Applegate   Glen Franklin Applegate   Benjamin Lewis Applegate   Agnes Applegate   Guy Anson Applegate   Robert A Applegate   Mary Ellen Applegate   Myron Moore   John William Applegate   Lenora Applegate   George Arthur Thibodeau   Mary Ellen Hullfish   Burtis John Applegate   Gladys A Applegate   Roy Edward Applegate   Harriet Fellows Morris   Joseph Truman Mortimer   Emily Ann Freeland   William Henry Applegate   Marvin A Applegate   Grace Louise Applegate   Larry Lew Lester   John Samuel Applegate   Clarence Palmer Applegate   Emma Stewart   Woodrow E Applegate   Ruth Applegate   Eli Mann Applegate   Lillian Mae Applegate   Lawrence Applegate   Herschel Applegate   Richard Page Applegate   Frank Osborne   Dora Deane Applegate   Edwin Seward Applegate   Mabel Weiser Douglas   Roy Leslie Applegate   John Pangburn   Luther Halsey Van Doren   Mary A Warfel   Emma Vidette Applegate   Marjorie Mae Applegate   Maude E Applegate   Oscar Emerson Applegate   Richard F Applegate   Rose DeLaney   Ira Bray   Thomas Hartshorne   Mark Henry Applegate   Nevada A Applegate   Franklin Hakes / Eliza Applega...   Marion Applegate / Cynthia W K...   John S Thorn / Octavia Windal   Abner Gulick / Hannah Applegat...   Thomas Eden Applegate / Mae Ca...   Joseph Price Johnson / Rebecca...   Thomas Ely Applegate / Anna De...   Robert Bugby Applegate / Helen...   Sanger Henry Applegate / Genev...  
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